BluSkye Aerial Photography & Video, LLC.

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 Aerial Photographer & Videographer in Slidell, LA

We now are capable of producing 2D, 3D Aerial Mapping, Plant Health for agriculture and several other useful Tools used in the industry.

At BluSkye Aerial Photography & Video LLC. we use the most  current up to date equipment on the market, and have the capability to shoot in 4K. We can format in RAW, DNG, JPG, MOV, MP4, etc.  

Every Photo is analyzed individually and inspected on a 32" monitor. For accuracy we zoom in 200% on a subject to make sure that every photo or video is clear and precise and is exported at the highest quality. We cater to a large spectrum of clients which are listed below. Most of all we are FAA Certified. (More Pictures To Come}

  •  Commercial, Private, & Inspections We Cover It All.
  •    Land and structural Survey Inspections/ Mapping 
  •    Full Residential Real Estate Inspections
  •    Full Commercial Real Estate Inspections
  •    Full Construction Site Inspections 
  •    Building Developments
  •    Movie Productions
  •    News Media
  •    Oil Industry
  •    General Photography
  •    Nature Photography
  •    Special/Private Events
  •    Weddings
  •    Anniversaries
  •    Birthday Parties
  •    Sporting Events
  •   Timber/ Land Surveys
  •   Abandoned Sites or Structures 
  •   Roof Inspections 
  •   Cell Phone Towers
  •    Radio Towers
  •    Damaged Property
  •   Airports
  •   Offshore Rigs
  •   Railroads
  •   Pipelines
  •   Industrial Plants
  •   Refinery
  •   Agriculture
  •   Law Enforcement, Firefighters, First Responders 
  •   Search and Rescue